Causes of College Flunking

Lim Ying Shuang
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Lim Ying Shuang
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Mindmap for academic flunking

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Causes of College Flunking
  1. Medical Reasons
    1. Depression
      1. Chronic Illness
        1. might be forced to not attend school for long periods of time
        2. lose interest, negative thoughts, lose hope
      2. Family
        1. Financial Difficulties
          1. Could be harmful to students mentally.
            1. They could get ostracised too
          2. Domestic Violence
            1. Divorce
              1. Parents' Neglect
                1. Students might get into bad company
                2. Over-Pressure
                3. Personal Reasons
                  1. Lack of Planning/ Poor Time Management
                    1. Laziness
                      1. Wrong Major Choice
                        1. Undecided on Goals In Life
                          1. Lack of Responsibility
                            1. Lack Of Perseverance
                              1. Over Confidence
                                1. Low Self-Esteem
                                2. Peers
                                  1. Over-Competitiveness
                                    1. Bad Influence
                                    2. Others
                                      1. Teenage Pregnancy
                                        1. Bullying
                                          1. Addiction
                                            1. Home-Schooled
                                              1. students could be home-schooled prior to college, they might not be able to adapt to the new way of learning or socialising.
                                              2. Sudden Gain of Extra Freedom
                                                1. Newfound freedom only gained in college could cause some to lose their discipline academically
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