Psychological Thinking

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Psychological Thinking
  1. Emotions
    1. How does support and motivation contribute to a person's mentality?
      1. How does a person's emotions cause a situation to change?
        1. What are the causes of emotional attachment?
          1. Superstitions
            1. What makes people believe in superstitions?
              1. Does a person's insecurities cause them to believe in superstitions?
              2. Mentality
                1. What are the limits to a person's mentality?
                  1. How does a person's environment contribute to the forming of their mentality?
                  2. Sleep
                    1. What are the causes of sleep paralysis?
                      1. Does the impact of technology affect a person's sleeping pattern?
                        1. Does someone's attitude depend on a person's sleeping practices?
                          1. Sleeping, Emotions and Learning
                          2. Horoscope
                            1. How are stars able to determine the future?
                              1. What causes people to believe in horoscopes?
                                1. What are the scientific evidence which proves the credibility of horoscopes?
                                2. Friendship
                                  1. How to maintain a long lasting friendship
                                    1. The development of friendship
                                    2. Learning
                                      1. How does the brain learn and memorise subjects?
                                        1. Sleep, Emotions and Learning
                                          1. How does sleep affect my attitude and focus on learning?
                                            1. Would sleep affect my emotions towards others?
                                              1. Would sleep improve my ability to learn?
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