Coaching in BCE

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A draft model of a connected learning environment to support coaching in BCE

Resource summary

Coaching in BCE
  1. Academically Oriented
    1. Refresher Courses
      1. Coaching Certification
        1. Career Pathway
        2. Professional Reading
          1. Improving Practice
            1. Student Outcomes
          2. Shared Purpose
            1. Coaching in day to day life
              1. Shared language
                1. Develop skill level across BCE
                  1. Achieving goals
                  2. Production Centred
                    1. Achievement of goals
                      1. Video evidence of impact
                        1. Recording scenarios/reflections
                          1. Data
                            1. Resources to support implemention at different levels
                            2. Openly Networked
                              1. Office and schools
                                1. Growth Coaching International
                                  1. Parent community
                                    1. Other schools (e.g. RI & EQ)
                                      1. University/Research
                                      2. Peer Supported
                                        1. Engage a coach
                                          1. Weekly email tips
                                            1. Coaching clinics f2f & virtual
                                              1. Blogging/Reflections
                                                1. Sharing articles
                                                2. Interest Driven
                                                  1. Professional support amongst colleagues
                                                    1. Principals leading their staff
                                                      1. Teachers working with students
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