JNP Issues

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JNP Issues
  1. Processes
    1. TLMS
      1. Pathway
        1. Cross charging
        2. People
          1. Oracle/SAP Integration
            1. Timecard approvals
              1. Annual Leave
              2. HR
                1. New Starter process
                2. Identity/Branding
                3. Systems
                  1. IT
                    1. Hardware
                      1. Printing
                        1. Desktops PCs
                        2. Software
                          1. CAD
                            1. New platform not as quick
                            2. ARM
                              1. Unable to link instances
                              2. MS Exchange
                                1. Differing email addresses
                                  1. Sharing/seeing claendars
                                  2. Oracle/SAP
                                    1. Double handling
                                  3. Dual Accounts
                                    1. Locked out of TfL SP sites
                                  4. Telephony
                                    1. Mobile devies
                                      1. Desk phones
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