Strategic Planning: Life

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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning: Life
  1. Zumba
    1. Stay at Goodlife
      1. PWYC Class
      2. WORK
        1. TDSB: How to make the work more meaningful
          1. College: Continue teaching? Expand courses?
            1. CCCC: Consulting: Invest in Anti-O Training for corps/agencies
            2. Music
              1. Album
                1. Writing as self care
                  1. Vocal Lessons
                    1. Writing for publishing house
                    2. PHD
                      1. Canada or US
                        1. Building Communities Everywhere You Are Through Love
                          1. Untold STories of the Ride or Dies
                            1. Longitudinal Study: Experience and Outcomes of race/class focus on discrimination as a barrier
                          2. Writing
                            1. Book
                              1. Relationships
                                1. Anthologies of Lessons from Ride or Dies
                                  1. How to be single
                                2. Giving Back
                                  1. Hood Counselling
                                    1. Monthly Women's Retreat
                                      1. Mentoring
                                      2. Spirituality
                                        1. Commitment to Presence
                                          1. Supporting Ministry
                                            1. Communing through relationship and the word
                                            2. Self Care
                                              1. Healthy Habits
                                                1. Swimming
                                                  1. Eating
                                                    1. Stretching
                                                    2. Travel vs Savng
                                                      1. Creating Life Balance
                                                      2. Social Life
                                                        1. Friends
                                                          1. Exposure outside of comfort zone
                                                            1. Partnership
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