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these are the three stages of pregnancy

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  1. Germinal stage
    1. 2 week period after conception
      1. conception occurs when a sperm celll combines with a egg cell and form a cell called a zygote
        1. the zygotes divide quicklyand the resulting ball of cells moves along the mothers fallopian tubes to the uterus
          1. seven days after conception the cells become embedded in the walls of the uterus. At this stage this process is called implantation
            1. implantation takes about a week complete
      2. Embryonic stage
        1. this stage last from the end of germinal stage to two months after conception
          1. The development ball is now referred to as a embryo
            1. all major organs are formed and the embryo becomes fragile
              1. At this stage the biggest dangers to the embryo are teratogens such as viruses, drugs and radiation that can cause deformities to the embryo and by the then end of this stage the embryo is only an inch long
          2. Foetal stage
            1. This is the last stage of pregnancy last two months from conception until birth
              1. one month into this stagette sex organs of the foetus begins to form
                1. A layer of fat forms under the skin and the respiratory and digestive system starts to work independently
                2. Bones and muscles form and starts to move in the uterus
                  1. the organs develop and start to function and the brain increases rapidly in size
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