Input, Output, Storage and Sensors

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Input, Output, Storage and Sensors
  1. Storage
    1. Different Storage Devices
      1. USB
        1. CD and DVD
          1. Online Cloud Storage
            1. Magnetic Tape
              1. Hard Disk
              2. How do they work?
                1. The main purpose of a storage device to no one's surprise is to store data and memory.
                  1. There are two ways of storing this, one is internally, which are memory devices located inside the system. Examples of this are hard drives and hard disks. The other type of storage is external storage. This includes online storage as well as portable storage devices such as USBs.
                2. Sensors
                  1. Different types of sensor
                    1. Temperature sensor
                      1. Light/dark sensor
                        1. Pressure sensor
                          1. Moisture sensor
                            1. Water-level sensor
                              1. Movement sensor
                                1. Proximity sensor
                                  1. Switch or Button
                                  2. What is a sensor?
                                    1. A sensor allows the computer to register what's going on around it. These sensors can convert real world properties in to data that can e processed
                                  3. Input
                                    1. Different Input Devices
                                      1. Mouse
                                        1. Touchscreen
                                          1. Remote Control
                                            1. Webcam
                                              1. Keyboard
                                                1. Microphone
                                                  1. Joystick
                                                    1. Touchpad
                                                      1. Concept Keyboard
                                                        1. Optical Mark Reader
                                                          1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
                                                            1. Barcode Reader
                                                              1. Trackball
                                                                1. Magnetic Strip Reader
                                                                2. What is an Input Device
                                                                  1. An input device allows the user to communicate to the computer by inputting data into it and allowing it to be processed. Almost all input devices are peripherals.
                                                                3. Output
                                                                  1. Different Output Devices
                                                                    1. Speakers
                                                                      1. Projectors
                                                                        1. Computer LEDs
                                                                          1. Printer
                                                                            1. Buzzers
                                                                              1. Plotters
                                                                              2. What is an Output Device?
                                                                                1. An output device is a pieces of hardware that is used to display or output data which has been processed or has been stored on the computer.
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