Destination Guidebook

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Destination guide

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Destination Guidebook
  1. Complete High School while voulentering at the local animal shelter
    1. Co-op at a vetranarian office to get expirience
      1. volunteer as much as possible to get community hours and knowledge
        1. graduate with honours to get into university
          1. Get a tutor to insure academic sucsess
            1. Speak to guidaunce councler about next steps
              1. Get a job and raise money for school
                1. Get a job dancing on a cruise ship for 6 months
                  1. Move to France
                    1. Become an Au Pair
                      1. Move to Australia become an Au Pair there
                        1. Go to Vetrianarian School
                          1. Apply for school
                            1. Get a job to pay for school
                              1. Stay on top of marks
                                1. Graduate
                                  1. Get Hired
                                    1. Apply for jobs as a vet
                                      1. Work as a for a couple years gain experience
                                        1. Save Money
                                          1. Open up my own office
                                            1. Buy a space
                                              1. Hire employies
                                                1. Work for myself
                                                  1. Make money
                                                  2. Plan for futur goals
                                                    1. take full advantage of my collaboration skills
                                                    2. Use knowledge of learning type to my advantage
                                                      1. Become and stay organized
                                                      2. Use determination and initiative to get the most money
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