Doing Math

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"Doing" Math in an Effective Classroom

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Doing Math
  1. Student Centred
    1. Collaboration
      1. Relevant and Authentic
        1. Engaged
        2. Active engagement to direct own learning
          1. Open Ended enriched math tasks
            1. 4 step problem solving model
              1. Develop reasoning, problem solving, and communication skills
              2. Teacher as Facilitator
              3. Assessment and Evaluation
                1. Fair and transparent
                  1. Self Evaluation
                  2. Modelling and Saffolding
                    1. Gradual release of responsibility
                      1. respect for learners at different stages
                      2. acknowledge and value prior learning
                        1. Accountable talk
                          1. Different Math Strategies
                            1. Manipulatives and technology
                              1. free and open access
                                1. encouraged
                              2. Differentiation and Accomodation
                                1. 4 stages of learning
                                  1. concrete
                                    1. Representative
                                      1. Symbolic
                                        1. Abstract
                                        2. Multiple ways to demonstrate learning
                                          1. Promotes Metacognition
                                          2. Reflection
                                            1. Careful analysis of process
                                              1. opportunity to talk through their thinking with self and peers
                                                1. asking meaningful questions and sharing ideas
                                              2. Positive Attitudes towards Mathematics
                                                1. Cross curricular integration
                                                  1. Big Ideas of Mathematics
                                                  2. Procedural knowledge and conceptual understanding developing together
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