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Topic 2.9 Photosynthesis of IB Biology Chapter 2 Molecular Biology

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1 What is photosynthesis?
1.1 production of carbon compounds in cells using energy
1.2 uses simple inorganic substances like CO2 and H2O
1.3 energy conversion
2 Wavelengths of light
2.1 Visible light: longest purple; shortest red
2.2 short wavelengths of energy; X-rays and UV radiation; high energy
2.3 long wavelengths of energy; radio waves and infrared; low energy
3 Light absorption by chlorophyll
3.1 effectively absorbs red and blue light
3.2 reflects green the most
3.3 first stage in photosynthesis
3.4 absorbed by black pigments
3.5 many pigments but mostly chlorophyll
3.6 chloropyll appears green; reflects green light
4 Oxygen production in photosynthesis
4.1 O2 produced from photolysis of water
4.2 photolysis
4.2.1 splitting of water to produce electrons needed in other stages
4.2.2 H20 --> 2e- + 4H+ + O2
4.2.3 only occurs in light
4.2.4 lysis = disintergration
4.3 O2 = waste product; diffuses away
5 Effects of photosynthesis on Earth
5.1 changes to atmosphere, oceans, rock depositions
5.2 first done by prokaryotes
5.3 Great Oxidation Event - rise in O2 conc.
5.3.1 first glaciation due to reduction in greenhouse effect
5.3.2 caused oxidation of dissolved iron and precipitated on sea bed
5.4 methane & CO2 = greenhouse gases
5.5 banded iron rock formation
6 Production of carbohydrates
6.1 Energy needed to produce carbs and other C compounds from CO2
6.2 CO2 + H20 = carbs + O2
6.3 endothermic
6.4 energy from light
7 Limiting factors
7.1 Temperature
7.2 Light intensity
7.3 CO2
7.4 limits rate under optimal level
7.5 only 1 at a time; furthest from optimum
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