Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning

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A draft outline of the applied teaching and learning course

Resource summary

Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning
  1. Planning your blended course
    1. Getting your course into Moodle
      1. Creating formative activities: Quizzes
        1. Designing for skill development
          1. Communicating in Moodle
            1. Developing Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning, Tier 1
              1. Applied Digital Skills for Teaching and Learning Tier 2 to be developed
                1. Finding resources
                  1. Managing assessment tools
                    1. Providing feedback
                      1. Marking online
                        1. Choosing assessment models
                          1. Using quizzes for summative assessment
                            1. Collaborating
                              1. Collecting evidence
                                1. Exploring web 2.0
                                  1. Creating and marking Turnitin
                                    1. Presenting online and off
                                      1. Using virtual classrooms (e.g. Adobe connect)
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