Gastritis (McPhee & Hammer, 2012)

Yvonne Lockett A
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Mind Map on Gastritis (McPhee & Hammer, 2012), created by Yvonne Lockett A on 10/27/2013.

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Yvonne Lockett A
Created by Yvonne Lockett A almost 6 years ago
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Gastritis (McPhee & Hammer, 2012)
1 Epidemiology
1.1 Helicobacter pylori
1.1.1 No sexual predilection exists (Medscape, 2013) Gastritis affects all age groups (Medscape, 2013) Use of NSAIDS, smoking, and alcohol increase the risk for Gastritis
2 Pathophysiology
2.1 Inflammation of the gastric mucosa
2.1.1 Can affect both the fundus and antrum of the stomach Erosion of the surface epithelium seen in a localized pattern Usually caused by an injury to the protective barrier of the mucosa, caused by medication or chemicals NSAIDs are known to inhibit the action of cyclooxygenase-1, or COX-1, which causes gastritis
3 Symptoms
3.1 Anorexia
3.1.1 Fullness Nausea and vomiting Epigastric pain Bleeding
4 Diagnosis
4.1 Gastroscopic examination and biopsy
4.1.1 Occult blood test Evaluation of gastric secretions for intrinsic factor
4.2 Health history
5 Treatments
5.1 Stop the use of NSAIDs, alcohol, and smoking
5.1.1 If positive for H. pylori, treat with antibiotics Eat smaller meals Consume a soft, bland diet

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