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Cristina Amorim
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Please call me Cris - Indroductions, greetings, names, countries, nationalities

Resource summary

  1. Possessive adjectives
    1. My
      1. Our
        1. Her
          1. It's
            1. Your
              1. Their
                1. His
                2. Questions
                  1. What?
                    1. Where?
                      1. How
                        1. Who
                          1. From (no final)
                            1. Like= como é (no final)
                            2. Greetings
                              1. Nice to meet you
                                1. Good bye
                                  1. Hi, Hello
                                  2. To be
                                    1. I, You, We, They
                                      1. He, She, It ( Verb. acresc. S)
                                        1. Is, Are
                                        2. Countries
                                          1. Mexico, Brazil,Japan, South Korea, Seoul, France
                                            1. Brazilian, French, Japanese
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