Training Evaluation

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Training Evaluation
  1. Definition
    1. The systematic analysis of training to demonstrate whether it has met its objectives in an effective and efficient manner
    2. Purpose
      1. Determine whether a program is accomplishing its objectives
        1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of HRD programs, which can lead to changes, as needed
          1. Determine the cost-benefit ratio of an HRD program (ROI)
            1. Identify which participants benefited the most or least from the program
            2. Kirkpatrick Evaluation Framework
              1. Lv 1 - Reaction
                1. What the employees thought and felt about the training programme
                2. Lv 2 - Learning
                  1. The increase in the knowledge or capability from before and after the training
                  2. Lv 3 - Behaviour
                    1. The extent of the behaviour and implementation
                    2. Lv 4 Results
                      1. The effects on the business/environment resulting from trainee’s performance
                      2. Considerations
                        1. Time consuming & Expensive
                          1. Assumes each level’s importance is greater than the last level and that all levels are linked.
                            1. Measureable improvements may not result from training
                          2. Data collection methods
                            1. Interview
                              1. Questionnaires
                                1. Direct Observation
                                  1. Test and Simulations
                                    1. Archival Performance Data
                                    2. Types of data
                                      1. Individual
                                        1. Systemwide
                                          1. Economic
                                          2. Ethical Issues involved when evaluating
                                            1. Confidentiality
                                              1. Withold Training
                                                1. Informed consent
                                                  1. Use of Deception
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