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Cristina Amorim
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Cristina Amorim
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I really like hip hop - Music, movies, TV programs, invitations and excuses, dates and times

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Likes/ Dislikes
  1. Object pronouns
    1. it
      1. them
        1. her
          1. him
            1. you
              1. us
                1. me
                2. Invintations
                  1. Would+ pron.+ like+to+go
                    1. I'd like to, but
                      1. I need to save..
                        1. I have to work..
                          1. I want to visit...
                          2. I'd would/ I'd love to
                        2. Questions
                          1. Who is your..?
                            1. What is your...?
                              1. Simple present
                                1. What do/ does..?
                                  1. What kind
                                    1. Who do/ does..?
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