Paris-Basin - Agriculture

Tom Cahill
Mind Map by , created almost 6 years ago

Leaving Cert Geography (Regional Geography) Mind Map on Paris-Basin - Agriculture, created by Tom Cahill on 10/28/2013.

Tom Cahill
Created by Tom Cahill almost 6 years ago
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Paris-Basin - Agriculture
1 Relief
1.1 Undelating landscape
1.1.1 gentle syncline
1.1.2 Ideal for mechanised farming
1.2 Land drained by R. Seine
1.3 Chalk scarps
1.3.1 Alpine folding
1.3.2 South facing slopes viniculture Reims is centre of production
2 Climate
2.1 Tranitional Climate
2.2 Suited to arable farming
2.3 800m Rainfall
2.3.1 long growing season
2.4 Temperatures 18' - 24'C
2.5 Mild winter temperature - 5'C
3 Intensive cereal production
4 Viniculture at scarp faces
5 Pastoral Farming at Normandy

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