Big Fan Content Marketing

David Nichols
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David Nichols
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Examples, ideas, inspiration for content marketing

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Big Fan Content Marketing
  1. Client news
    1. Announcing new clients
      1. Client work going live
        1. Any client accolades worth mentioning
        2. Client interviews - evaluating the impact our work had on their business
          1. In an article
            1. Posted to our blog, Bristol Media (for example), promoted through social media
            2. In video
              1. Posted to Vimeo/YouTube and shared through social media
            3. Opinion pieces
              1. Write up's of events/seminars
                1. Commenting on articles
                  1. Educational pieces
                    1. Why brand identity serves only as a platform
                      1. Why consistency in communicating brand message is key
                        1. Why retention is just as important as acquisition strategy
                        2. 'We're big fans of...' (personal entries)
                          1. Specific brand campaigns
                            1. An organisation's rebrand
                          2. Case studies
                            1. Videos showing process
                              1. Written account of creative process
                              2. Tips/tricks
                                1. Things to consider when rebranding your social networks
                                2. Culture
                                  1. Amsterdam (where to shop, eat, explore)
                                    1. Friday @ 4 Talks
                                      1. Round ups
                                        1. Illustration
                                          1. Logotype
                                            1. Rebrands
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