The Quiet American Graham Greene

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The Quiet American Graham Greene
1 conflicts
1.1 clash of ideology
1.1.1 america = democracy third party young idealistic innocents/naive pyle
1.1.2 britan french = colonialism fighting against the viet minh. old colonialism coming in isnt going to change anything fowler want vietnam to run there way
1.1.3 vietminh = communism attempting to take over vietnam
1.1.4 relatable context 9/11 attacks cause Al-Qaeda apposed Americas political economical and military support to israel jews were killing islamic people osama bin laden issued a fatwa on america other groups joined and attacked america nature open conflict in the middle east (war on terror) effect many civilians killed from suicide attacks by terrorists. many soldiers killed in actions. many civilians killed caught in crossfire resolution there will never be an end as a clash of beliefs will always occur wether its between countries, religous groups, races or organisations.
1.2 clash of inviduals
1.2.1 love triangle fowler, pyle and phoung fighting over phoung doesnt agree with pyles views much like the war all fighting over vietnam
2.1 not getting involved
2.1.1 My fellow journalists called themselves correspondents; I preferred the title of reporter. I wrote what I saw. I took no action-even an opinion is a kind of action. (fowler pg.28) "sooner or later.. one has to take side. if one is to remain human."(Heng, pg.174)
2.2 effects of war
2.2.1 "irish stew containing too much meat" (fowler, pg.51
2.3 "what i offer her is security and respect." pyle

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