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    1. July is a month when people celebrate their canonization. When was the canonization of Machachi they had a party called as the land of Chagra. After of the canonization of Machachi they did a parade.
      1. Machachi, is known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes is located south of the province of Pichincha.
        1. In July the Chacarero parade is unique and amazing, because visitors dressed chaps, ponchos, scarves and hats riding and compasses with bands of people is a native tradition of the Canton.
          1. THE HOLIDAYS
            1. The Chacarera Festival is the central celebration to commemorate the canonization, and it is composed by the following activities:
              1. - Before the parade proceeds to the air mass - Processional walk of the Chagra - Bullfights of popular bulls
            2. The Processional Walk of the Chagra It is not just a party, it's a whole culture.
            3. GUARANDA'S CARNAVAL
              1. In February is a month when the city of Guaranda begins its holidays.
                1. Guaranda, known as the City of the Seven Hills, has traditional Carnival festivals and parties that go on for days.
                  1. When Kings made their parties in Guaranda they created the carnaval. After the Carnaval was traditional in Ecuador. Before the carnaval was known internationally for its culture.
                    1. The people use the costumes to celebrate “Fiesta Mayor" of the city and the province.
                      1. Carnival is celebrated by throwing water all over the country (except in Ambato). Carnival is a grand opening celebration in which the sponsor of the party makes his or her grand entrance into the city.
                        1. After the opening celebration, the rest of the festival kicks off. The celebrations last for around eight days.
                        2. GUAYAQUIL CITY
                          1. July 25th is day when people celebrate yours independence.
                            1. When Guayaquil became independent from the Spanish, the people held a party in honor of independence.
                              1. After independence, the people conducted civic parades.
                                1. The foundation of Guayaquil was a process of Spanish conquest. Guayaquil was inhabited by various tribes and cultures.
                                  1. The first foundation of the city of Guayaquil realizes Benalcázar Sebastian with the name of Santiago.
                                    1. July 25th was Guayaquil cover for the third for Francisco of Orellana.
                                    2. JULIAN PARTIES
                                      1. July 1st is a month when people Dances from the Costa , Sierra and East of the country participate in these difiestas
                                        1. A Julian party in a variety of food events occurs, when the people prepares traditional food, they enjoy of their traditions and culture.
                                          1. Some people used to travel to other country because they had vacations.
                                            1. You should have a lot of money for buying anything. You can enjoy of the Julian’s parties
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