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Use of SEED-SCALE Framework for the implementation of a Patient Centered Medical Home

Resource summary

  1. Standards
    1. Enhanced Access & Continuity
      1. Team Based Care
        1. Population Health Management
          1. Planning & Managing Care
            1. Tracking & Coordinating Care
              1. Measuring & Improving Performance
              2. Principles:
                1. Personal Provider
                  1. Provider directed practice
                    1. Whole person orientation
                      1. Coordinated/Integrated Care
                        1. Quality/Safety are paramount
                          1. Increased access to care
                            1. Quality vs. Quantity driven payment structure
                            2. SEED-SCALE MODEL-Theoretical Framework for Execution
                              1. Build on Current Successes
                                1. Form a 3-Way Partnership (Mgt, Care Delivery Staff, Consumers(patients)
                                  1. Foster Behavioral Change (Mgt, Staff, & Patients)
                                  2. Base Decisions on Local Data (PDSA Cycles)
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