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wikinomics assigment

Resource summary

  1. Mass colaboration
    1. Solve problems
      1. With colective wisdom
      2. Produce results
      3. Way to the future
        1. Negotiations
        2. Why now?
          1. Perfect storm
            1. New web
              1. New uses and plataforms
              2. Demographic revolution
                1. Diffent way to
                  1. Process information
                    1. Think
                      1. Behave
                2. What is it?
                  1. Art and science
                    1. Mass colaboration for
                      1. Innovation
                        1. Growth
                          1. Profit
                            1. Competitive advantage
                        2. How you know you are preper?
                          1. Personal use
                            1. Figure out the perfect time
                              1. Understand that colaboration is important
                                1. Could generate more opportunities
                              2. What it takes?
                                1. Lidership
                                  1. Able to learns a organization
                                    1. Can come fron every level of the organization
                                      1. Personal opportunity
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