Maternal and child wellness

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Mindmap of a community parenting groups program to promote maternal and child wellness

Resource summary

Maternal and child wellness
  1. Assessment
    1. Community needs
      1. Literature review
        1. Birth outcomes and maternal mental health
          1. infant and child mental health
            1. parenting
          2. Current MH prevention programs
            1. PEPS program
            2. Clinical site needs
            3. Parent Community Network Program Development
              1. Financial plan
                1. Community buy in
                  1. Access to new parents
                    1. Prenatal screening
                      1. New parent community groups
                        1. Local community support
                          1. Parenting Education
                            1. training group leaders
                              1. electronic resources
                          2. Program Evaluation
                            1. clinical site outcomes
                              1. parent and child outcomes
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