Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga
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Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga
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Common Nouns and Proper Nouns
  1. Common Nouns
    1. Singular
      1. a boy
        1. a girl
          1. a lion
            1. an eagle
              1. a carrot
                1. an onion
                  1. a teacher
                    1. a chef
                    2. Plural
                      1. boys
                        1. girls
                          1. lions
                            1. eagles
                              1. carrots
                                1. onions
                                  1. teachers
                                    1. chefs
                                  2. Proper Nouns
                                    1. Charles
                                      1. Nike
                                        1. Pink Floyd
                                          1. Mexico
                                            1. The Statue of Liberty
                                              1. Panama Restaurant
                                                1. Pepsi
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