KEY ASSPECTS of Gender & Education

Malisa Govori
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Malisa Govori
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gender inequalities still remain in most education systems in terms of subject preferences and performance....

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KEY ASSPECTS of Gender & Education
  1. Gender inequalities Page 5 – Education
    1. Gender inequalities Page 4 – Paid employment
      1. Story: Gender inequalities Page 6 – Arts and culture
      2. single-sex subjects
        1. Gender inequalities- Educating boys video:
        2. Gender, teaching and care journal: a comparative global conversation Jo Warin & Eva Gannerud pages 193-199,
          1. women's rights from 1970s onwards Women educators, leaders and activists. Educational lives and networks 1900–1960
            1. Approaches to gender and spoken classroom discourse
          2. Gender bias in the classroom
            1. uniform/dresscode girls vs boys
            2. Women as educators
              1. what is education
                1. statement of some philosophers
                2. womens rights how we see it changing
                  1. potentioal implication of the field on the education site, or classroom
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