Question 3

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Question 3
1 Writer's thoughts and feelings
1.1 Inference
1.1.1 You have to speculate
1.1.2 What can we assume? How do we know this? Quotes
2 Source 3
2.1 Leave all the good language features and points for question 4
2.2 Usually travel writing
2.3 Spend most of reading time on this source
3 Language analysis
3.1 This is credited if it is explicitly linked to a thought or feeling of the writer
3.2 Save the main analysis for question 4.
3.3 Only use if it is a Band 4/3 response.
3.4 Use specific words as opposed to language features
4 Points
4.1 PEE
4.1.1 Point Thought or feeling
4.1.2 Evidence Quotes
4.1.3 Explain How does the quote show this? What is the effect on the reader and text?
4.2 4 good points
4.2.1 5 if there is time and it is the same quality as other points
4.3 Use your strongest point first
4.3.1 What can you write the most about?
4.3.2 Don't Waffle
4.3.3 What can you explain in greatest detail
4.4 12 minutes
4.4.1 Only spend longer than this if you have proof read at least twice. Practical Proof reading Spend most time on Section B
4.4.2 Roughly 3 minutes to a point
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