Forces and motion!


IGCSE complete physics for igcse o level unit 2 Forces and Motion
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Forces and motion!
  1. Speed, velocity &acceleration
    1. speed
      1. average speed =distance moved/time taken
        1. on most journeys, the speed of a car varies, so the acctual speed is usually different- than the average speed
          1. it is a SCALAR quantity
            1. measured in m/s
      2. velocity
        1. velocity means the speed fof something AND its direction of travel
          1. it is a VECTOR quantity
            1. measured in m/s
        2. acceleration
          1. something is accelerating if its velocity is changing
            1. average acceleration = change in velocity/ time taken
              1. a = v-u / t
                1. u= initial velocity, v= final velocity
                  1. measured in m/s^2
          2. Free Fall
            1. The acceleration of free fall, g
              1. Acceleration of free fall is the same for ALL objectrs falling nearthe earth's surface.
                1. The acceleration of free fall is represented by the symbol g , its value varies slightly from one place to another beausethe earths gravitational pull varies the simple figure used for equations is 10m/s^2
              2. up and down
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