World Development

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My Mind-Map looks into the significant, key parts of what makes up World Development and talks a bit about those parts.

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World Development
  1. Why are some countries richer than others?
    1. Some economic indicators are:
      1. GDP, (Gross Domestic Product), total value of services and things produced inside the country
        1. GNP, (Gross National Product), basically GDP added on with earnings from Investments made by foreign countries
          1. GNP per capita is GNP distributed/divided among total population of country
            1. Results of these 3 significant parts vary from country to country, making some richer/poorer than others
              1. But it is not just about the GDP and GNP of a country, but also other fundamentals to put into play
                1. Natural resources, Education, Historically rich and the population as well
        2. What is poverty?
          1. It is way more than just having not enough money
            1. There is no one cause or situation of being in poverty
              1. Poverty varies dramatically from one country to another
                1. Poverty in Canada will be leagues apart from poverty in Zimbabwe
            2. No matter how it is explained, there is one thing to note how we all agree to it that this topic needs more attention on than ever before
            3. Population growth
              1. There are three sides to study on this
                1. Business people use the population of a country to their advantages
                  1. Such advantages can lead them to making the right investments which vary from one region to another
                    1. Money is made $$$$$$$$$$$$$
                  2. First is the population size: the number of individuals in a population
                    1. Second is the population density: how many individuals there are in a certain area
                      1. Thirdly is the population growth: how the size of the population is changing over time
                  3. Hunger and Poverty, are they related?
                    1. Poverty creates hunger, that is what I go with, without money you can't buy food, and there is just no two way about it
                      1. And to those people in this world who are poor, if without having enough food to feed themselves they can't feed their families
                        1. Without having enough food in all situations, they won't be able to make their bodies operate properly
                          1. It results to them being weaker and less able to earn money to get themselves out of poverty in the first place
                    2. Why do we still have 1 billion people going to bed hungry everyday?
                      1. I am going say one thing, 2.3 billion tonnes of food gets lost and wasted year by year, which is equivalent to 48.3 billion dollars!
                        1. With that much money our whole world full of 7 to 8 billion people can easily get fed plentiful throughout the whole year
                      2. What is world-trade?
                        1. World-trade is the trade between one nation to another
                          1. World-Trade necessarily isn't fair but there are organisations around the world to make it fairer, such as The World Trade Organisation who take care, and take note of well things are going from trades from country to country
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