The Incredible Book Eating Boy

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How the Incredible Book eating boy can be used to inspire classroom lessons and activities.

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The Incredible Book Eating Boy
1 Maths
1.1 Bitten Page
1.1.1 Henry has chewed off the answers to these math's sums. Complete the answers.
2 Science
2.1 Human Body
2.1.1 How the digestive system works
2.2 Healthy Eating [PSHE, P.E.]
3.1 Sharing our favourite books and genres to read
3.1.1 Discussing different kinds of books e.g. fables, fairy-tales, fiction, non-fiction [LITERACY] e.g. comedy, drama, sci-fic
3.2 Talking about Healthy Eating [SCIENCE, P.E.]
3.2.1 Sharing our favourite foods
3.2.2 Food Pyramid [SCIENCE]
4.1 Google Maps
4.1.1 Use Google maps to find the local book shops and libaries
4.2 Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power-point
4.2.1 Using publisher, word or power-point to create a book cover for a story or a poster for your favourite book
5 History
5.1 History Topic
5.1.1 Creating a fact book together as a class on the History Topic
6 Geography
6.1 Maps
6.1.1 How to read maps
6.2 Countries
6.2.1 Henry's book of the month could be about a country
7 Literacy
7.1 Letter Writing
7.1.1 Writing a letter to Henry informing him why eating books is unhealthy and how to follow a healthy diet
7.2 Story Writing
7.2.1 Henry is bored of reading his favourite tales, so he's eaten some of them. Rewrite the ending to Little Red Riding Hood
7.3 Diary Writing
7.3.1 Writing a diary as if you were Henry:
7.4 Playscripts
7.4.1 Acting out a scene from The Incredible Book Eating Boy
7.5 Spelling and Words
7.5.1 Feeding Henry the words we struggle to read, spell and understand the definition of
7.5.2 Looking at anotyms
8 P.E
8.1 Healthy bodies and minds
8.1.1 Exercise Benefits
9 General / Other
9.1 Book of the Month
9.1.1 Look inside Henry's tummy to find the book of the month
10 Art
10.1 Create a bookmark
10.2 Use old newspapers and book pages to create something
11 R.E
11.1 Religious Books
11.1.1 e.g. Qu'ran, Bible
12 Music
12.1 Poems, Songs, Reading Music, Music from different cultures -what would Henry learn from eating books about these topics?
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