Some ideas for Lesson Plans

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Some ideas to plan an effective class

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Some ideas for Lesson Plans
  1. Think of a variety of activities
    1. Art and craft activity
      1. Jigsaw activity
        1. Mingle Activity
          1. Kinaesthetic activities (TPR)
            1. Games, chants, songs, rhymes, mime
            2. Prepare a nice Icebreaker
              1. Activate previous knowledge, recycle vocabulary
                1. Plan different warmers for each lesson
                  1. Use different resources
                    1. Worksheets
                      1. Visual aids, flashcards
                        1. Boardgames
                          1. Realia
                            1. ICT
                            2. Implement individual and collaborative tasks
                              1. Foster integrated skills
                                1. Move from controlled practice to free.practice
                                  1. Design some rubrics to evaluate your students
                                    1. Remember to plan with theoretical support
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