Australia's Links

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Australia's links defined

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Australia's Links


  • Australia links with its neighbouring countries in many ways
1 Aid
1.1 Aid is the assistance that governments of developed countries provide developing countries for the purpose of encouraging economic growth and improvements in living standards.
2 communications
2.1 Geographical isolation of Australia makes communication a key to the rest of the world. Advancement in technology - satellite, cellular has bridge physical gaps. Media, news and social media are key in
3 culture
3.1 Australia is able to accommodate for all types of people & cultures. This reinforces and strengths links with the rest of the world
4 migration
4.1 After a white-only policy, Australia's migration program is now multicultural. Refugees have been accommodated
5 tourism
5.1 a major source of income come from people traveling to Australia. this link provide jobs and economic growths. Visitors come from China, Japan, NZ
6 trade
6.1 Provides export income from selling goods (minerals & agricultural products) and services (education & tourism). Major trading partners are China, Japan, UK, US. Australia's trading success is due to stable institutions and education and skilled workforce and having a good resource base
7 sport
7.1 Sport is a national obsession: 2000 olympic games highlighted Australia as a prominent location for sports which attract investment. Sport make stronger links already in place and establish new ones. Eg F1, Australian Open, World Cup, Rubgy 7's
8 Defence
8.1 Peace and stability for the region ensures security for Australia's own homeland and ares where Australia has an interest. The Australian Defense Force (ADF) comprise of army, navy and air force. Eg ANZUS, UN operations, arms treaties, military training, military operations to Afghanistan etc
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