Creativity and Intelligence

Joe Doheny
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Joe Doheny
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Creativity and Intelligence
  1. Creativity and Intelligence
    1. conjoint/disjoint?
    2. Neurobiology
      1. frontal lobes/temporal lobes/limbic system
        1. Maslow's Hirearchy of needs
          1. Implications for staff/pupils who's basic needs are not being met
            1. Role of the Principal/BoM/D.E.S.
      2. Tom Peters Vision
        1. S.S.E.
        2. Steps to Creativity
          1. Brainstorming
            1. Reverse Brainstorming
              1. Starbursting
                1. Random Input
          2. Kaizen
            1. Ideas must be taken on board
              1. Credibility/authenticity of principal
            2. Do we need to be creative in schools?
              1. why?
                1. attentional bias for novelty
              2. Vision/ethos/characteristic spirit of school
                1. dignity
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