UBT Questions

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UBT Questions
  1. what is your budget
    1. we don't really have one we just go for the cheapest option
    2. How many people is there
      1. 250-300
      2. What has worked in the past
        1. things that we don't have to do much to so pre washed and cut and having catering companies help us with having the food served hot and on time.
        2. where do you do all the cooking
          1. At Auckland campus but mostly it is all brought in from other catering companies ready to serve.
          2. How do you cater for dietary requirements
            1. we have smart sheet that they have to fill out then from that we find something to suit them and have people with food allergie all sit together
            2. what time periods do you have
              1. we would start to prepare food at 9.00 all the food for lunch has to be on the tables by 12.15 ready for lunch at 12.30
              2. How do you decide what to do for table settings
                1. we have a coloured serviette and it is usually different for each day and it is kept simple so it doesn't take long to do.
                2. what equipment do you have to be able to keep food hot/cold
                  1. we had a chiller that we were able to make ure that everything was kept cold and if we had food delivered at certain times so it kept warm on heating trays
                  2. How do you make sure that you comply with health an safety
                    1. We make sure that everyone is wearing cloves and has there hair tied back, commercial cleaners come in every night. we were very fussy about what the meat looked and smelt like if it didn't look/smell freash we wouldn't use it
                    2. What time do you have for cleaning up
                      1. After the main meal we would wait 30 minutes before we went and collected dirty plates then we go around with catering troll and pick up all the dirty plates the teacher have a 1 hour for lunch
                      2. Is it a buffet or sit up meal
                        1. It is a sit up for the main meal but it is buffet for morning and afternoon tea but there are places were teachers can sit
                        2. What do you do with left overs
                          1. We put it into snap lock bags and the helpers take it home mostly
                          2. Does season affect what you have on the menu
                            1. Not really we would often just substitute in for other ingredients if it was way to expensive to have the right ingredient
                            2. What dietary requirements do you cater for
                              1. are main is gluten but we do cater for vegans, vegetarian, dairy free
                              2. What planning tools are used
                                1. Time management, computer skills, pricing and comparing, timelines. catering menus
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