Driver Safety

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This is for my PDHPE Assignment about making a Decision Making Model concerning the topic of Drunk Driving

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Driver Safety
  1. Scenario: Larry is at a friend's party, it was fun getting to hang out with his mates whom he haven't seen for a very long time. When the party was over, all of Larry's mates where pretty much all drunk , and decided to just stay at their friend's house, who is the host of the party. He too is a little bit tipsy from all the drinks he took. Unfortunately for Larry, he knows he have to get home because he promised his parents that he'll be home at midnight, what would Larry do?
    1. Larry would drive himself to their home
      1. Problems:
        1. A very high chance of getting into a car crash
          1. He could get killed
            1. Major injury
              1. 1. The Pain
                1. 2. After he get healed, there's a high chance of spending a few years in prison.
              2. He could kill someone
                1. Face major consequences:
                  1. 1. The Guilt
                    1. 2. A very high chance of spending a few years in prison.
            2. He could get lucky and nothing bad would happen to him.
            3. Larry would call a taxi to take him home
              1. He would get home safe and sound.
              2. Larry would call his parents and tell them that he can't go home for today because he's drunk and isn't in his right state to drive and decided to just stay at his friends house until he's sober again
                1. Could face a major hangover in the morning and the wrath of his parents but is safe.
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