Hard Work

Vandana Ujoodah
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Vandana Ujoodah
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Everything a procrastinator must know!!

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Hard Work
  1. Used to hate you
    1. Ran away from you
      1. Hide from you
        1. Get away from you
    2. Afraid of the pain
      1. So didn't even tried
        1. Afraid to fail
          1. Didn't wanted to get hurt
      2. Who do you think you are ?
        1. making me afraid of who you are ?
          1. Reflection on the mirror
            1. Shadow behind me
              1. i take one step and you are still ahead of me
                1. sweat in face , tears on my eyes
                  1. I keep going !
        2. You turned the poor to rich
          1. You turn F's to A's
            1. Is there anything you can't do ?
              1. Now look at me !
                1. You've made me who I am today because of you I have this never losing never giving up attitude
          2. Quitting ?
            1. It's not in my vocabulary
              1. Listen when they quit , I keep going
                1. When they sleep I work harder
                  1. en they say I can't and count me out I show then what I CAN
            2. When I tell them about my dream they laugh at me
              1. I'll make sure I get the last laugh
                1. I'm a dream chaser
                  1. That means I chase my dreams no one else can
                    1. Only I can beat me and its me against this work
                      1. There is no losing
                        1. I will not lose , I came this far and I AM NOT STOPPING NOW !
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