Language Teaching Materials and the (Very) Big Picture

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Language Teaching Materials and the (Very) Big Picture
  1. ELT materials: the 1950s to the 1980s
    1. The late 1960s to the late 1970s
      1. Turbulence and Rebellion
          1. The emergence of "fringe", humanistic methodologies
            1. Self-access work, featuring self-study materials and teacherlesslanguage learning
              1. Krashen's Input Hypothesis
                1. Learners would produce language when they were ready
          2. The 1950s/ 60s and the Cold War
              1. The USSR launched the world's first artificial satellite called Sputnik
                1. Change the history of language teaching
                  1. Space Race
                  2. Foreign Language Teaching came to take on a particular priority
                    1. The 1958 National Defense (Foreign Language) Act
                      1. Roberto Lado
                        1. English Pattern Practice
                    2. Era dominated by technical advances
                    3. The 1970s to the mid 1980s
                      1. Embourgeoisement process
                        1. Prevalence of a concern of individualism
                          1. Tom Wolf
                            1. Me Decade
                              1. Learners have their own unique way of approaching language study
                        2. Development of tools for individual's paricular needs
                      2. Why are ELT materials the way they are?
                        1. New imperatives on materials design: the mid 1980s onwards
                          1. Contemporary post-industrial society
                            1. McDonaldization
                              1. Ritzer (1993, 2012)
                                1. Block (2004)
                                  1. Gray and Block (2012)
                                  2. McDonalds
                                    1. Efficiency & predictability
                                      1. Strict policies
                                        1. Fixed, deskilled work routines
                                          1. Employees
                                            1. "CAGED"
                                              1. Employees-costumers
                                          2. Fixed language scripts
                                            1. Employees-costumers
                                        2. Standardised Materials
                                          1. Course packages
                                            1. Warm up Reading Grammar work Written practice Freer work
                                            2. Workplanes, modules, units, blocks, themes
                                              1. Widespread commercial succes
                                          2. Neo-liberalism
                                            1. The primacy of "the market"
                                              1. Increasing divisions between rick and poor
                                                1. Commodification of interactions
                                                  1. Physical or intangible products and services
                                                    1. Language certifications
                                                      1. Exam-type exercies (marketed)
                                                2. Stimulating economic and liberalist policies growth
                                                  1. Atomisation-monetisation
                                                    1. Monetary value for traded, accumulated or invested
                                                      1. Common European Framework: Language products
                                                        1. Atomised methodologies > Atomised materials
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