Global Dimensions of Supply Chain

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Global Dimensions of Supply Chain
  1. : the leading external factors driving change of the economic landscape for
    1. headquartered in developed countries like USA, Japan, etc had advantage in infrastructure, educational systems, capital markets.
      1. Large companies have created niche opportunities for individuals and small organizations to collaborate in their supply chains.
          1. help establish limits of what is competitively possible in the
            1. Helped
                1. Tariffs and trade barriers have been reduced among many countries
                  1. Customer service perspective
                    1. Standarize
                      1. Global competition reduces product life cycle
                        1. outsourcing, manufacturing and logistical activities
                          1. More volatility
                      2. Americas ports are vital part of its global commerce
                        1. Bases of operations to deploy troops and equipment
                        2. LOW
                          1. HIGH

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