Cylinder head

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A simple flow chart showing cylinder dissassembly

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Cylinder head
  1. Loosen camshaft bearing caps
    1. Remove camshafts and valve lifters
      1. Remove dirt and carbon deposits
        1. Check the valve face, stem and tip.
          1. Use a micrometer
            1. Check the valve seats
              1. Measure the valve face
                1. Measure the internal diameter
                  1. Check the valve springs for rust
                    1. Check the rocker shafts
                      1. Measure the bore of the rocker arm
                        1. Use a bore gauge
                          1. Measure mechanical cam followers
                            1. Check the camshaft for scoring or wear
                              1. Put it between Vee blocks
                                1. Use a DTI
                                2. Inspect timing gears
                                  1. Inspect cylinder head gasket.
                                    1. Check cylinder head bolts.
                                      1. Check the sealing surfaces.
                                        1. Check combustion chambers and inspect camshaft bearings.
              2. Keep valves in the order you took them off
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