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Excelente Libro

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    1. Main Characters
      1. The Children
        1. Main character of the work, their families and relatives think that suffered alcohol poisoning, but in reality the cause of your illness is the love
        2. Angelica
          1. Young of the who falls in love with the child. She did not correspond with his love, and this does not have the desired love dies
          2. Carlos Romeral
            1. Close friend of the family, who are trying to help the child, and with the collaboration of a friend of his, is the journal
            2. Mother of the child
              1. Attempts to compensate for the lack of his father, but as we see in the course of the piece, it does not
              2. Grandmother of the child
                1. Jorge
                  1. Boyfriend of Angelica, is a major trigger for the final part of the story, his kiss on the cheek, initiates the death of the child
                2. The Second Characters
                  1. Carmencita
                    1. Raquelita
                      1. Pedro y Enrique
                      2. Tertiary characters
                        1. Sr. La Torre
                          1. Doctor
                            1. Dona Juana
                            2. My Opinion
                              1. Poor child in love with poor child. Crazed by the woman completely lost by the love and without finding the path to its radiance the essence of childhood not enjoyed his life at that moment you are melted down, he could not see beyond the games of the scraped the blows to the play, for a woman who only saw it as a chiquitin wanted to.
                            3. Eduardo Barrios, writer, novelist and playwright. Among its virtues literary, he emphasized his wealth language. In his work prefer "do play or clashing the passions, the suffering, the anxieties and joys or vices of man. Subtle Observer, wafer thin, the complexities of the human soul" (Milton Rossel).
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