Old Testament Review

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Bible 10

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Old Testament Review
  1. 6. The Kings
    1. Saul
      1. First king of Israel
        1. Was good until he got jealous of David
      2. David
        1. Second king
          1. From the tribe of Judah
            1. Jesus is a descendant of David
        2. Solomon
          1. Third king
            1. David's son
              1. "The wise king"
        3. 5. Judges
          1. Israel now occupies the Promised Land (Canaan)
            1. The judges were the first leaders of Israel
              1. The judges were chosen by God
            2. Deborah
              1. Only woman to be a judge
              2. Samson
                1. Big strong judge who was weakened by women
              3. 4. Jacob and his Family
                1. Jacob
                  1. Name changed to Israel
                    1. Means "wrestles with God"
                      1. The Israelites often "wrestle with God"
                      2. Jacob is the founder of the nation of Israel
                        1. Jacob's sons make up the 12 tribes of Israel
                    2. Esau
                      1. Jacob's brother
                        1. Patriarch of the Edomites
                      2. Joseph
                        1. Sons Manasseh and Ephraim also become tribes of Israel
                          1. Favorite son of Israel
                            1. Becomes prime minister of Egypt
                        2. 3. The Exodus
                          1. Israelites are slaves in Egypt after Joseph's death
                            1. The 10 plagues strike the Egyptians
                              1. Moses leads God's people out of bondage
                                1. Each plague targeted a different Egyptian deity
                              2. The Exodus is a new Genesis
                                1. Moses
                                  1. Infancy similar to Jesus
                                    1. Evil ruler tries to kill baby Hebrew boys
                                      1. Both Moses and Jesus were hidden from death and ended up bringing hope and rescue to their people
                                2. 2. The Flood
                                  1. Noah
                                    1. Means "rest, comfort"
                                      1. Noah was the only good, faultless man left on Earth
                                    2. The flood gave the world a new start
                                      1. The water washed away all of the evil and sinful people on earth
                                        1. Similar to baptism
                                          1. The water washes a way the old and gives a new life in Jesus
                                      2. The rainbow represents God's first covenant with man
                                      3. 1. Creation
                                        1. Seven
                                          1. Seven days of creation
                                            1. Multiples of seven used throughout Genesis
                                              1. "It was so"
                                                1. "It was good"
                                                  1. The word "God"
                                                    1. Words per sentence
                                                  2. Adam
                                                    1. Means "man"
                                                      1. God created woman from man (Eve was made from Adam's ribs)
                                                        1. Man must unite with his wife to become one flesh
                                                    2. Light came before the sun, moon, and stars
                                                      1. The story of creation is a poem
                                                      2. 8. The Exile
                                                        1. Israel
                                                          1. Conquered by the Assyrians in 722 BCE
                                                            1. Some people are left behind, they are the Samaritans
                                                          2. Judah
                                                            1. The Assyrians tried to conquer them in 701 BCE
                                                              1. Conquered by the Babylonians in 586 BCE
                                                            2. The Persians allowed the Jews to return home
                                                            3. 7. The Civil War
                                                              1. Israel divides into 2 nations after Solomon
                                                                1. Southern Kingdom
                                                                  1. "Judah"
                                                                    1. Made up of the tribes Judah and Benjamin
                                                                      1. First king was Rehoboam, Solomon's son
                                                                        1. All kings are descendants of David
                                                                          1. Capital was Jerusalem
                                                                  2. Northern Kingdom
                                                                    1. "Israel"
                                                                      1. Made up of 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel
                                                                        1. First king was Jeroboam
                                                                          1. Capital was Samaria
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