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Book Project

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Book Prodject
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Conflict/Problem: Macey and Cam were attacked in Boston and need to find the perpetrator.
      1. Cause: Macey is the last descendent of Gillian Gallagher, who killed a man and his descendants want to get there revenge.
      2. Characters
        1. Macey
          1. Out-Going
            1. Strong-Willed
            2. Liz
              1. Peresistant
                1. Smart/Brilliant
                2. Cam (Camron)
                  1. Friendly
                    1. "Chamelean" (Not the center of attention)
                  2. Settings
                    1. Time: Modern
                      1. Place/Location: School
                      2. Theme
                        1. How Brought Out in your Book: all of the main charecters are spies and are always disguised fro how they are normally like.
                          1. Message/Theme: Just because someone seems someway, does not mean that is how they are on the inside! Also, beware of kidnappers!
                          2. Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover
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