SAB7#102 Modelo Escalera Tuckman

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Project Manager Professional PM - 055 a 110 Mind Map on SAB7#102 Modelo Escalera Tuckman, created by Oscar De la O on 08/29/2015.

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SAB7#102 Modelo Escalera Tuckman
  1. 1. Forming : People are still trying to figure out their roles in the group.
    1. 2. Storming : As the team learns more about the project, members form opinions about how the work should be done.
      1. 3. Norming : Team members begin to build good working relationships.
        1. 5. Adjourning : The project ends and the team is disbanded
          1. 4. Performing : The team becomes efficient and works effectively together.
            1. Milestone parties
              1. Holiday and birthday celebrations
                1. Outside of work trips
                  1. Taking clases together
                    1. Creating the WBS
                      1. Getting everyone involved in some way in planning the project
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