Hunger Across the Globe

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Outlining the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of hunger across the World

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Hunger Across the Globe
1 Who: The majority of hungry people live in developing countries, and are mainly children. 66 million primary school aged children go to classes hungry.
2 What: 842 million people across the globe don't have enough food to eat. This causes poor nutrition, people being stunted and extremely underweight which is the cause of millions of death's across the world.
3 Where: Although hunger is a problem everywhere in the world, it is mainly found in 3rd world countries such as Asia, Africa and India.
4 When: Hungry from what we can tell has always been a problem, and still is a problem today. It is believed that hunger became a global problem during the 1930's in the time of the great depression when families lost jobs and could not afford to feed themselves
5 Why: The world will make enough food for the 7 billion people that lives in it, but some people who do not have the money to buy the food or land to grow it will go hungry.
6 How: People across the world aren't getting enough food to eat, they either live in poverty and cannot afford to buy food or they do not have the living conditions to grow their own food.
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