Arabic Language

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Arabic Language
  1. Intention - Why Should I Study the Arabic Language
    1. To be able study and understand Qur'an in depth on my own.
      1. Through this this effort I hope Allah opens up the Qur'an to me and ties it to my heart
        1. So I can have yakeen in its ayat and confidence conveying it
          1. Lesson 1
            1. 3 Kinds of Words in Arabic
              1. Ism
                1. a)7 properties of Ism: The name of a Person, Place, Thing, Idea, Adjective, Adverb and more


                  • Status 1) Most difficult property to understand  2) Allows you to identify the role a word is playing in the sentence 
                  1. 4 catagories
                    1. 1) Status
                      1. 3 Forms of Status


                        • The three form are identified by asking questions, who, what when where.
                        1. 1) Raf - Doer of the act
                          1. 2) Nasb - Detail of the act


                            • Details 1) The details are about the fi'l
                            1. 3) Jarr - Word after of


                              • After of: 1) you need to rearrange the question  e.g The teacher of mine
                          2. 3)Gender
                            1. 2) Type
                              1. 4)Number
                          3. Fi'l
                            1. A word stuck in a tense (past, present or future)
                            2. Harf
                              1. A word that makes no sense unless another word comes after it
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