Future Simple

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Future Simple
  1. will
    1. It is used to discuss decisions made while talking
      1. Example:
        1. I need to get my medicine. I will go to the pharmacy tonight.
          1. structure
            1. Verb to be + will + verb
              1. I will pay later
                1. Affirmative
                  1. He will work.
                    1. Negative
                      1. I will not come
                        1. Interrogative
                          1. will I go?
    2. Going to
      1. when you want to talk about the immediate future.
        1. Example:
          1. I´m going to learn english
            1. structure
              1. "to be" + "going to" + verb
                1. I´m going to visit my family
                  1. Affirmative
                    1. It´s going to be hot today
                      1. Negative
                        1. I´m not going to go to school today
                          1. Interrogative
                            1. where are you going to be?
      2. Might
        1. Used to express possibility or probability
          1. Example:
            1. I might see you at the party
              1. structure
                1. "to be" + "might" + "verb"
                  1. You might well be right.
                    1. Affirmative
                      1. You might be wrong
                        1. Negative
                          1. He might not be right
                            1. Interrogative
                              1. might I use your telephone?
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