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The Unit 2 Mind Map

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OT Mind Map
  1. Creation
    1. Day 1
      1. Day and night all light
      2. Day 2
        1. Sky and Water
        2. Day 3
          1. Land and vegatation
          2. Day 4
            1. Star,Sun,Moon
            2. Day 5
              1. birds/marine life
              2. Day 6
                1. Animals/man
                2. Day 7
                  1. Rest
                  2. The Fall
                    1. Two Special trees
                      1. tree of life
                        1. tree of knowledge of good and evil
                        2. Satan is the father of lies
                          1. Tempation is based on three things
                            1. Their are consequences of sin
                              1. Eve had many tempations
                                1. Jesus also had temptations
                                2. Cain and Abel
                                  1. First children born to eve
                                    1. Cain disreguards God's advice
                                      1. He lures his brother out to the field and kills him
                                      2. The sins of Cain
                                        1. Jealousy and Anger
                                        2. Cain commits the fist Murder
                                          1. There are always consequences for sin
                                            1. Sin is always stalking us
                                              1. We can overcome it with God's help
                                            2. The flood
                                              1. As time goes on the world becomes
                                                1. corrupt
                                                  1. sinful
                                                  2. Noah is instructed to build an ark
                                                    1. gopher wood
                                                    2. Instructed to bring 2 of every animal
                                                      1. 7 pairs of clean animal
                                                      2. it Rains
                                                        1. 40 day
                                                          1. 40 night
                                                          2. Signs of the covenant is the rainbow
                                                            1. The flood represent
                                                              1. Baptisim
                                                            2. Tower of babel
                                                              1. Man moves east
                                                                1. The come to shinar
                                                                2. They have the same language
                                                                  1. They build tower to honor themselves
                                                                      1. God decides to confuse their languages to stop the building
                                                                        1. causes them to scatter acrossed the land
                                                                        2. God opposes the proud and disobediant
                                                                          1. God wants us to give him the glory
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