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  1. Newtons 3rd law
    1. For every action there is a equal an opposite reaction
      1. There is a force pushing down on the ground sending a rocket up
      2. Forces between objects
        1. A force can change the shape of an object
          1. A boxer who punches a opponent with a force of 100n experiences a reverse force of 100n from his opponent.
          2. Circuits
            1. A fuse is a safety device that switches off an appliance if a current flowing through the live wire gets too big
              1. A fuse has a rating in amps printed on the side
                1. If the current flowing through a fuse goes above its rated value then the fuse blows
                  1. This breaks the circuit and disconnects the appliance
            2. Doppler effect
              1. When a fire engine drives past its siren is high pitched as it comes towards you and low pitch as it drives away - this is the doppler effect
                1. Frequency decreases as it gets further away
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