CPU (Central Processing Unit)

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CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  1. Parts
    1. Control Unit (CU)
      1. Acts as a organizing force of the computer
        1. Is in charge of ...
          1. Controlling the sequence of the execution of instructions
            1. Moving information between the CPU and the Primary Memory via Data Bus
              1. Controlling the Cache Memory
                1. Cache Memory stores the instrucions that are used many times
              2. Works with Special Registers
                1. Memory Address Register (MAR)
                  1. Stores address of the data that was fetch to the CU
                    1. Stores address of where the data that was fetch to the CU is stored in the Cache Memory or in the RAM
                    2. Memory Data Register (MDR)
                      1. Stores Information that has being fetch or needs to be store inside the addresses that are store by the MAR
                        1. Both are used in the Machine Cycle
                      2. Program Counter (PC)
                        1. Contains addresses of the instructions that are going to be executed next by the IR
                        2. Instruction Register (IR)
                          1. Holds instructions that are being executed
                        3. Takes place in the Machine Cycle, by doing the process of fetching and coding
                          1. It doesn't execute instructions
                          2. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
                            1. Performs ...
                              1. Logical operations
                                1. AND - OR - NOT
                                2. Arithmetical operations
                                  1. Adding - Multiplying - Dividing - Subtracting
                                3. Receives instructions decode by the CU
                              2. Machine Cycle
                                1. Process in which a instructions is executed
                                  1. 4 Main Steps
                                    1. 1. Fetch
                                      1. 2. Decode
                                        1. 3. Execute
                                          1. 4.Write-Back
                                            1. Done in the ALU
                                              1. Outputs the executed instructions into the RAM or the Cache Memory by the use of Data Bus
                                                1. Executes the instructions and gets more information if it is necessary
                                              2. Done in the CU
                                                1. 2. Decode
                                                  1. Brakes the instructions into parts and sends it to the ALU by the use of Data Bus
                                                2. Search for a instructions in the RAM or the Cache Memory, that comes with a Address that is save by the MAR
                                          2. Can transfer information (Instructions or Addresses - Data) between them and the rest of the components in the computer by the use of Buses
                                            1. Address Bus
                                              1. Tranfers addresses
                                              2. Data Bus
                                                1. Transfers information
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