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1 Leukocytes
1.1 Granulocyte
1.1.1 Neutrophil nucleus Old: Lobulated/Segmented nucleus Young: U shaped Nucleus>Band Cell Accessory lobe Barr Body in female Granules Azurophilic (primary) Specific (secondary) Tertiary Myeloperoxidase (green color) pus(หนอง) Mucous Buffy coat Phagocyte
1.1.2 Eosinophil Bilobed nucleus Eosinophilic granules Horse: bright red granules เต็ม cytoplasm Phagocyte Eo+Mast+Basophilic--> allergy&asthma Eosinophilia - pararsitic infestation
1.1.3 Basophil Bilobed or irregular shaped nucleus Basophilic granules dark blue-purple stained Involved in inflammatory, allergic Produce Histamine Heparin
1.2 Agranulocyte
1.2.1 Lymphocyte Dark stain nucleus (เข้มสุด) Large round nucleus SHAPE Small Large Large granular lymphocyte Natural Killer cell DUTY T-cell Helper (CD4) Cytotoxic (CD8) Memory Pegulatory B-cell Plasma (antibody) Memory Natural Killer cell
1.2.2 Monocyte Largest WBC Kidney shaped nucleus Phagocyte Store in spleen 50% Vacuoles
2 Platelets
2.1 No nucleus
2.2 Fragment of Megakaryocyte
2.3 3 steps to stop bleeding
2.3.1 1)adhesion
2.3.2 2)activation
2.3.3 3)aggregation
2.4 concentration
2.4.1 Low: Thromcocytopenia
2.4.2 High: Thrombocytosis
3 Erythrocytes
3.1 Erythropoieses (build)
3.1.1 Bone Marrow
3.2 Eryptosis (destroy)
3.2.1 spleen
3.2.2 liver
3.2.3 lymph node
3.3 Stucture
3.3.1 No nucleus
3.3.2 Biconcaved disk
3.3.3 lifespan: 120 days
3.3.4 Heme = Iron+Bilirubin (yellow)
3.4 Delivering
3.4.1 Hemoglobin + O2 = Oxyhemoglobin (red)
3.4.2 Hemoglobin wuthout O2 = Deoxyhemoglobin (dark red)
3.4.3 Hemoglobin + CO = Carboxyhemoglobin (bright red)
3.5 Effects of osmolarity to RBC
3.6 Rouleaux formation
3.6.1 Cause: high plasma protein
3.6.2 Result: Upper erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
3.7 Abnormal
3.7.1 Anisocytosis Macrocyte Microcyte
3.7.2 Poikilocytosis Hypochromasia Basophilic stippling
4 Preparing thin film blood smear
4.1 Romanowsky dye: Wright's stain, Giemsa
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