SAB7#148 Procurement Closing

Oscar De la O
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Project Manager Professional PM - 110 a 154 Mind Map on SAB7#148 Procurement Closing, created by Oscar De la O on 09/05/2015.

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SAB7#148 Procurement Closing
1 Project Mgmt Plan
2 Procurement Documents
3 Procurements are closed : When a contract is completed or when a contract is terminated before the work is completed.
4 Procurement Audits
4.1 Figure out the lessons learned and look for anything that went right or wrong.
5 Records Management System
5.1 Store contracts and other documents in the records management system.
6 Procurement Negotiations
6.1 Make sure that all of the terms of the contract have been met and there are no outstanding claims on it.
7 Closed Procurements
7.1 Give a formal notice that the contract is complete.
8 Update OPA's
8.1 Add lessons learned from procurement audits, documentation and a copy of formal acceptance.
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