for YOU "Business plan"

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An activity for my english class, nothing official.

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for YOU "Business plan"
  1. Executive Summary
    1. Vision
      1. For 2020 be nationally recognize, with the quality and the service that characterized us, having as a base the integrity, dedication, professionalism and compromise for carry our best service to everyone of our clients.
      2. Mision
        1. Take surprises and unforgivable moments to our clients could not forget, making an unbreakable relation based on trust.
        2. Porpouse
          1. for YOU is dedicated to the decoration and deliver of the surprises and presents
        3. Target Market
          1. Men and Women
            1. Age: 16- 45
              1. Income Leve : The Upper Class.- Approximately $150,000 or $250,000 per year. The Middle Class.- $100,000 or more per year.
                1. Education Level: High school- College
                  1. Marital or Family status: Single, relationship or engaged.
                    1. Occupation: Students- Employees
                      1. Ethnic background: Any kind.
                    2. Competitors
                      1. Main Competitors
                        1. Envío Especial
                          1. Strenght: Many kind of packages and their prices
                            1. Weakness: The presents are only for person that are in a relationship or engaged
                            2. Regalos D.F.
                              1. Strenght: Different kind of presents
                                1. Weakness: Their prices
                                2. What they are different is that you can get this services by internet
                              2. Human Resources
                                1. Sell Department
                                  1. $3,000 per mounnth
                                  2. Financial Department
                                    1. $3,500 per mounth
                                    2. Logistics Department
                                      1. $4,000 per mounth
                                      2. ITC Department
                                        1. 3,000 per mounth
                                        2. How much experience.- 2 or 3 years.
                                          1. Skills.- Team work; Make decision; Microsoft Office; Speak another language ( English preferably)
                                        3. Marketing Plan
                                          1. Social Networks
                                            1. Facebook
                                              1. Twitter
                                                1. Instagram
                                                  1. Website
                                                2. Operations
                                                  1. The clients contact us in the website or the Social Networks; they tells us what they want and when they want it, we say the cost. The client will have everything that he/she requests on time and in good status.
                                                  2. Financial Projections
                                                    1. $489,870 Star- up capital
                                                      1. Preferability of the company.- 52% in one year of operations
                                                      2. Francisco Javier SOto Lee
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